South Street

South Street formed in the winter of 2004, booking their debut gig for February 2005. Two months to write a set. But their story goes back much further than that. Formed in the minds of five mates at school it wasnt until the resurgence of British guitar music following the late 90s lull that they decided to follow their instincts. The group, aged 20-24, make music theyd want to hear. Ten minute tuning sessions dressed up as guitar solos arent their thing. A flurry of well received gigs quickly saw the band gain a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts in the region. Fusing spiky guitars, flowing basslines and thumping drums the music absorbs the groups influences effortlessly without being a pale photocopy of anyone. Comparisons to other bands have been so wide-reaching and obscure as to make them obsolete. Support slots with Field Music, Little Man Tate, Test Icicles and Good Shoes followed. The band then locked themselves away in their practise room, studios cost money you know, aiming to produce a demo capable of capturing their live dynamic. The subsequent recording received much interest and airplay from, amongst others, Radio Newcastles Northern Uproar and lead to a successful live session with Utopia FM. Its far too simplistic when describing a band to merely list a stream of influences and look-a-likes rendering any first impressions tainted and irrelevant. Why do that? Britpop, punk, post-punk, pre-punk, rock, garage rock, garage punk, punk-rock, pub-punk-pre-rock-post-rock. You decide.

They splitted in 2008.


South Street - Minor Alterations (2010/DVS023)
Tracklist: 1.Call in the debt/2.Birthing a bombshell/3.According to values/4.Don't feel ashamed/5.The art of falling apart/6.Minor Alterations/7.Impossible (to get along)/8.To your left, I am right/9.Is it even worth the bother/10.The company you keep

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