Les Klimax jouent une pop rock indé dans la veine de Quicksand et  Seinsefield, et nous proviennent des groupes Tomy, Spugun, SWY et Season of Lies.
Autant dire qu'ils  n'en sont pas à leur coup d'essai!






Klimax - Static (2012)
Tracklist:1-Game Over/2-Static/3-Absolutly Vain/4-Little Eyes/5-Smoke screen/6-Get me back/7-If you forget me/8-Hand in hand/9-The reverse of you/10-No reason

Klimax - Inside And Around (2007/DVS034)
Tracklist:1-Born to feed/2-Dreamer/3-Inside and around/4-Bad number/5-Angel/6-Sunny scare/7-Wall of ice/8-Megaloman/9-AD music/10-My oxygen/11-Time for youth/12-Poor winner/13-The pawn/14-Rest in mind

Klimax - White Lie (2007/DVS011)
Tracklist: 1-Bumptious/2-Hot wet city/3-Outsider/4-No fame/5-White lie/6-In the mood for hate/7-Kill the robot/8-Ghost of the past

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