DV's Anthems vol.2

Compilation offerte avec le DV's Fanzine n°5
Various Artists - DV's Anthems vol.2 (2009)

1-MARTIN & DUBOIS- Gremlins (from “Martin & Dubois” on DV’s Rds)
2-STELLARDRIVE - Departure (from “Omega Point” on DV’s Rds)
3-MR MOUSTACHE - Menthol Masturbation (previously unreleased)
4-SPEKTR - World Wide Will (previously unreleased)
5-LOS DI MAGGIO'S- Sweet'n Sour (from upcoming 7” on Peabrain Rds)
6-KLIMAX - Hot Wet City (from “White Lie”on DV’s Rds)
7-ATLAS LOSING GRIP- Treating International Treaties (from “Shut the World Out” on DV’s Rds)
8-X-CONS - Run for your life (from “Pride of the Free” on DV’s Rds)
9-SOUTH STREET- Impossible (to get along with) (previously unreleased)
10-SPUDGUN - Freaky eyes (previously unreleased)
11-NOWADAYZ - What's at stake (previously unreleased)
12-SWEAT BABY SWEAT- Bdx to kilkenny (from upcoming album “Vicious is delicious” on DV’s Rds)
13-SWY - A.F.P (from “how to create weapons of mass destruction” on Craze Rds)
14-TASTE THE FLOOR- The scene and the support (from “taste the floor” on DV’s Rds)
15-TINY TERRORS- Sex Offender (from upcoming Ep “Titi Bang Bang“on DV’s Rds)
16-BACK TO BASICS- No guts (previously unreleased)
17-FORGET MY NAME- Never ending lines (previously unreleased)


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