DV's Anthems vol.1

Various Artists - DV's Anthems vol.1 (2006/DVS003)
1-THE AQUAMARINES - My wonderful shadow
2-SOUTH STREET - Call in the debt
3-HARRIS - Carousel
4-SLUGGZ - Hush me
5-ANARCHIC HAND - Born Again
6-AUDITORY APHASIA - This party g...
8-SPUDGUN - Ginger Bastard
9-FACE OFF - I wish I was you
10-WRECKAGE - Co-driver
11-GREEDY GUTS - Empty world
12-SUFFOCATE FOR FUCK SAKE - Le gilet fraternel
13-SICKLE - Simple emptiness
14-GRIZZLY TWISTER - Tigers made of paper
15-LOST IN BATTLE - White shadows
16-SEASON OF LIES - Un rouge éclatant si vif
17-SLIDEWAY - How to create weapons of mass destruction
18-MARTIN & DUBOIS - Tout ce qui existe mérite d'être détruit
19-STELLAR DRIVE - Unreleased track


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